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Swanson Triple Magnesium Complex, 400mg - 100 caps

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Swanson Triple Magnesium Complex 100 caps 400mg Triple Magnesium Good Effects


Swanson Triple Magnesium Complex 100 capsules with 400mg in each capsule is unique supercomplex formula that includes three different forms of magnesium to produce better effects. Swanson Triple Magnesium Complex has the highest bioavailable value to promote total and rapid absorption and to help the body assimilate and better fix calcium and potassium.

Swanson Triple Magnesium Complex improves cardiovascular functions, response time of muscle impulses, improves enzymatic metabolic reactions, speeds up bone formation and preservation, and improves carbohydrate metabolism.

It is a fact that unfortunately many athletes ignore at all, or do not consume enough magnesium. This results in reduced training capacity, reduced performance and leads to a slower post-workout recovery. Supplementing with Swanson Triple Magnesium Complex offers immense sports benefits that are reflected in improved performance.

Scientific evidence has shown that magnesium positively influences the production of cellular energy, making it critical in the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is the largest energetic form produced by the body.

Swanson Triple Magnesium Complex is essential nutrient in the formation and maintenance of bone structure and teeth. It is an important catalyst for the production of cellular energy. It is an important neurotransmitter that facilitates muscle relaxation and acts as a transmitter of nerve impulses to muscles.

Low levels of magnesium in the body are associated with frequent cramps and muscle pain due to poor relaxation ability and muscle response to exertion.

How to take it: As a dietary supplement, it is suggested that you take one capsule daily with plenty of water.