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Why start a supplement company in 2019 you might be thinking? There are literally thousands! Dumb Idea. Right? We don’t think so. We are HR Labs. We do things a little differently…

Whilst other, formerly innovative, UK brands migrate towards the garage forecourts and supermarket shelves in a functional food fuelled frenzy, they are forgetting something, someone. YOU!

The thousands of hardcore bodybuilders, never miss a meet powerlifters, 5am start fighters and give it all you got endurance athletes. People that TRAIN, they don’t workout. People that need supplements that perform at the level they do. Highly dosed, innovative and above all effective sports nutrition. Products made by people that train, for people that train.

We promise we’ll never betray you, we won’t forget our roots. What we endeavour to do now and always is formulate efficacious, fully transparent products you can trust. Manufactured using the highest quality ingredients in GMP certified, UK production facilities.

The industry might be a little confused, but we can assure you we are not. We’ve got your back. HR Labs - Made for Progress, Made for you!
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