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Supplement Needs 100% Glutamine - 500G

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Supplement Needs 100% Glutamine - 500G 100% Glutamine powder is a fully transparent, non proprietary product at an efficacious dose as part of the Supplement Needs Performance range. Formulated to yield 5g of 100% Pure Glutamine per serving. Glutamine powder has been specifically designed to aid in ensuring daily health is optimised. Available in 500g (100 servings). 100% Glutamine Powder is designed to be used during periods when optimal daily health is required. 1 serving (5g) is to be mixed with water and consumed. Additionally, up to 4 servings (20g) may be taken across the day. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Ideally, Glutamine can be stacked alongside Multivitamin and Mineral Pro and Probiotic to ensure the basis of optimal health is covered. Suitable for Vegetarians. Suitable for Vegans. Halal Certified. This product is manufactured in a facility that processes products containing nuts, milk, soy and fish Size: 500g Serving Size: 5g Servings: 100