Reflex Nutrition Shaker 600ml

Reflex Nutrition Shaker 600ml

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Reflex Nutrition Shaker Shaker

Bottles allow you to mix your protein drinks easily and quickly. No blenders needed. Just add the protein powder to the shaker bottle, add water or milk and shake. You'll have a protein shaker prepared using a protein shaker quicker than with a blender.

  • High quality Reflex shaker
  • Perfect for shaking your shakes!
  • Durable
  • Branded
  • Pop Off Lid

Reflex Nutrition Shaker bottles are absolutely leak proof no matter if the drinks are based on water or milk, and are made out of high quality raw material that complies with all requirements regarding food contact.

Large 600 ml (25 oz) content plus enough space to shake.

With an integrated scale directly in the shaker bottle for accurate measures.

An screen avoids lumps and with the integrated spout in the lid you can enjoy the drink right out of the shaker.