Osavi Collagen Peptides Tendons & Ligaments 150g

Osavi Collagen Peptides Tendons & Ligaments 150g

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Food supplement in the form of powder with TENDOFORTE® - clinically proven bioactive collagen peptides. Enriched with copper and manganese for support of connective tissue.

If you want to improve your fitness and reduce the risk of injuries to the musculoskeletal system, we recommend Collagen Tendons and Ligaments. Both the condition of tendons and ligaments may deteriorate with age or frequent activity associated with high or repetition of movement.

Collagen is a protein that occurs naturally in the human body. It is found mainly in bones, teeth, skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. With age, the amount of collagen produced via endogenous production decreases, which can change the structure and function of the tissues that build tendons and ligaments, and this can negatively affect our ability to move. Collagen is found in products of animal origin, and its sources include: edible gelatin, bone decoctions, meat and fish jellies and offal. Most of these foods are not recommended for everyday consumption in our diet due to their high content of cholesterol and saturated fatty acids. For this reason, we can support our body through collagen supplements.

Clinically tested, TENDOFORTE® helps to maintain strong and flexible tendons and ligaments. Its use reduces the risk of tendon and ligament injuries. The studies also showed a greater increase in the tissue matrix, Achilles tendons. OSAVI Collagen Tendons and Ligaments has been additionally enriched with copper and manganese, which support the proper formation of connective tissue that builds e.g. tendons and ligaments. Thanks to this special formula, our supplement will support your fitness and allow you to enjoy movement for many years.

Our collagen for tendons and ligaments will work for people who want to comprehensively care for the health of their tissues, physically active people practising any type of sport (running, tennis, swimming, cycling). The supplement contains 5 g of collagen peptides in the form of a powder with excellent solubility in each serving. It is an ideal addition to drinks, smoothies and other meals as it is tasteless and odourless.

Why would someone benefit from supplementing with Collagen Tendons & Ligaments?
- Clinically tested TENDOFORTE® supports to keep tendons and ligaments strong and flexible.
- Copper and manganese contribute to maintenance of normal connective tissue.

What is special about Collagen Tendons & Ligaments?
- Contains patented and clinically tested bioactive collagen peptides TENDOFORTE®.
- Enriched with copper and manganese.
- Measuring scoop inside.