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Extreme Labs Bicep Blaster

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Extreme Labs Bicep Blaster

Take your biceps training to the EXTREME with the Extreme Labs Bicep Blaster! Constructed of thick gauge aluminium, the Bicep Blaster is light enough to keep in your gym bag but heavy duty enough to finish off even the toughest of Bicep workouts.

We all know guys who can curl heavy, but can they do it with PERFECT form? No swinging at all?

This is where the Bicep Blaster comes to the fore, isolating the arms and shoulders and holding your back in a perfect position GÇô no more CHEATING! Your biceps are doing ALL of the work now so EXTREME GAINS are guaranteed! Padded elbows for comfort, support, and stability Contoured, ergonomic design Adjustable belt made of webbed nylon Neoprene neck pad for added comfort