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CNP vitamin D - 500iuProduct description

Please be aware that this product is Boosts levels of the sunshine vitamin and fortifies the immune system.

CNP Vitamin D 500 IU has been developed to support the immune system and maintain optimal health. Vitamin D is fat soluble and is best to take with salmon, nuts or an Omega-3 supplement. The vitamin helps reduce fatigue, increase hormonal transport, control blood glucose, reduce the risk of disease, regulate the body’s calcium and phosphorus levels, reduce the risk of some cancers and chronic pain, improve nutrient uptake in the intestine, strengthen muscle contractions, and reduce the incidence of depression.

Vitamin D is also essential for the mediation and signalling of endocrine and cellular and enzymic functions, which help increase performance and aid recovery for athletes.Features of CNP vitamin D 500IU 90 tabletsFat solubleHelps control blood glucoseCan help to reduce the risk of certain diseasesSupports the immune system