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Black Mamba - Konda V2

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Black Mamba have created Konda V2 capsules containing a group of outstanding ingredients like, Epicatalean® which is a patented version of Epicatechin 90% meaning you are getting only the highest quality Epicatechin available. There are amazing health benefits of green tea and dark chocolate, you’ll be surprised to learn that the bioactive compound in these ingredients, epicatechin, can yield brilliant results when supplemented at super high doses alongside your training. What is so good about it? It enhances muscle growth in a much more natural, safe, and outright clever way. Myostatin, a protein that limits muscle size, is reduced by larger doses of epicatechin. Epicatechin consumption yields the protein follistatin, which binds and inhibits the function of myostatin. To put it directly, the threshold on muscle growth is lifted by reducing myostatin levels, achievable through epicatechin supplementation. In addition to the wonderful limit lifting abilities of epicatechin, it also reduces the stress hormone cortisol, which stands between you and your best performance, optimum recovery and increase in gains. 500mg of epicatechin per serving - you’d have to eat a LOT of chocolate, with fat and sugar and all, to get near to this level.