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Animal Stak

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Animal Stak is loaded with potent herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and powerful patented compounds, each pre-dosed pack of Animal Stak is designed to naturally enhance the testosterone and growth hormone output of hard-training bodybuilders, all the while minimizing the production of estrogen and cortisol (the gain-killing) hormones. Stak even includes substrates designed to restore endocrine health and amplify endogenous hormonal output. Stak seeks to naturally boost the anabolic hormones linked to power and mass, but to do so without shady ingredients and gray-market compounds.

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Serving Size: 1 Pack

Servings Per Container: 21

  • Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol): 1000 IU
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCl): 10.5 mg
  • Magnesium (as oxide): 450 mg
  • Zinc (as oxide): 30 mg
  • Pro Testosterone Complex: 1500 mg
    • Tribulus Terretris Extract (standardized for protodioscin & steroidal saponins)
    • Fenugreek (seed) (steroidal saponins)
    • Stinging Nettle Root
    • Maca Root Extract (Lepidium meyenii)
  • Growth Hormone Support (with ArginoCarn, Sustamine): 1500 mg
    • Arginine Complex (Arginine HCl, Acetyl-L-Carnitine Arginate Dichloride)
    • L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine
    • Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine (alpha GPC)
  • Anti-Aromatase Complex: 300 mg
    • Polygonum Cuspidatum Root (resveratrol)
    • Calcium D-Glucarate
    • Diindolylmethane (DIM)
  • Hormone Amplifying Blend (with GlycoCarn, AstaPure): 500 mg
    • L-Carnitine Fumarate
    • Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine HCl)
    • Quercetin
    • Astaxanthin
  • Restorative Support Complex: 500 mg
    • Milk Thistle Extract (seed) (silymarin)
    • Astragalus (root)
    • Ashwagandha Extract (root)
    • Na-R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (Na-R-ALA)
    • Coenzyme Q10

Other Ingredients

  • Gelatin (Capsule, Sulfites), Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Stearic Acid, Titanium Dioxide, Soy, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Yellow #5 & #6.

Take a single pack daily 21 straight days. On training days, take it 30-45 minutes before lifting. On non-training days, take it prior to bed.

For best results, ''cycle'' this product following a schedule of three weeks on and one week off. Best results if used by those who are 25 years or older. However, due to its ability to help modulate free test levels, it could benefit others as well.