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Betancourt Nutrition™ was born in 2004 from a local bodybuilding legend in Miami who sought to create the strongest fat burner he could for his clients at his gym in South Florida. This liquid fat burner was the first iteration of the industry leader Ripped Juice® which is currently still sold today. As Ripped Juice carried the brands notoriety outside of South Florida, the brands owner wanted to be the next bodybuilder turned mainstream sports brand owner and entered additional categories with bright packaging to capture a mass audience. What was left behind was the hardcore bodybuilding audience that made Ripped Juice™ a staple in any advanced fat loss regimen.

Betancourt Nutrition™ returned to its roots in 2009 with the launch of the B-NOX™ pre-workout, the industry’s first pre-workout that supported the testosterone response to exercise. It was a product that coincided with a complete re-brand for Betancourt Nutrition™ as the brand committed to creating products that served the most advanced sports nutrition customers. But the re-brand along with B-NOX™ represented more than just a change in appearance, the pre-workout was just a sign of things to come as the brand catered its formulations to the needs of the most dedicated athletes: Creatine with, carbs, muscle volumizers and joint support, night time formula’s that put you into deep sleep within just a couple of hours, products for estrogen control and concentrated pre-workouts so potent in supporting focus that customers still ask about D-Stunner until this day. Driven by the spirit of pushing the limits of innovation and strength that led its owner to achieve early success with Ripped Juice™, Betancourt Nutrition™ quickly became known as the unsung hero of innovation that led to a nomination for breakout brand of the year in 2013.

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