USN Blue Blood

USN Blue Blood - Pre-workout - Short dated best before 11/2021

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Usn Blue Blood is USN's most advanced pre workout formula containing the following high quality ingredients designed to increase energy, blood flow and focus.  

GLYCER PUMP:2000 mg, maximizes muscle pump for performance & vascularity.

DYNAMINE:150 mg, significantly heightens energy & focus.

AGMAPURE®: 500 mg, enhances muscle pump & insulin response.

ASTRAGIN™: enhances absorption, uptake & efficacy.

L-CITRULLINE: 5000 mg, contributes to increased GH & NO levels for insane muscle pump.

B-ALANINE: 3200 mg, boosts performance, endurance & power.

BETAINE ANDHYDROUS: 2000 mg, increases power output & energy levels.

L-TYROSINE: 1000 mg, for optimal mental focus.