Game of Gains King King Endure

Game of Gains King King Endure

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King Endurance Game of Gains, a preparation based on Cardarine, a PPAR-Beta modulator, activates protein kinase and improves glucose absorption by skeletal muscles, which directly contributes to the use of fat as an energy source. The supplement increases the sensitivity of muscle cells to the action of insulin, which affects the achievement of hard muscles, reducing the level of fat in the body. It leads to effective body composition recomposition and instant visual effects. An important aspect is also the fact that due to the increased consumption of fat tissue, the proteins from which the muscles are built remain intact, therefore catabolism practically does not occur.

The role of this SARM is, however, much more broad and complex than just enabling you to achieve your dream figure, it also helps us maintain it, due to its huge potential blocking the synthesis of fatty acids. It increases the level of glucose tolerance, which is why research suggests that it protects against obesity. GW501516 prevents overproduction of glucose by the liver, while increasing insulin sensitivity.


1 capsule 2-3 times a day