Biotech USA EAA Zero

Biotech USA EAA Zero

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7160mg essential amino acid content

It is the essential amino acid ratio recommended by the WHO**

Close to 1:1 ratio of glutamine and BCAA



Biotech EAA Zero as the name implies, are indispensable for the human body since it either cannot produce them at all or it can produce them only in quantities that are insufficient. That is why it is particularly important to ensure their intake from external sources, preferably in optimal quantities and in the right proportions.

As with all BioTechUSA products, EAA Zero was also developed to have the best composition. Therefore, EAA Zero contains all the essential amino acids in optimal proportion as set out by the World Health Organization.

During the renewal of EAA Zero we didn’t only seek to get the proportions right, but we also aimed at creating a complex product. As a result, the product now contains all the essential amino acids and by adding glutamine we further increased the quantity of amino acids required for muscle building.

EAA Zero provides a special amino acid combination that you can drink without guilt even if you are on a diet, because the product is sugar-free*. Drink it in refreshing lemon and blue grape flavours before or even during an exhaustive workout session.

1 serving (14 g):

3400 mg BCAA

1560 mg L-leucine

800 mg L-isoleucine

1040 mg L-valine

1200 mg L-lysine

600 mg L-threonine

400 mg L-methionine

3580 mg L-glutamine

1000 mg L-phenylalanine

400 mg of L-histidine

160 mg L-tryptophan


3400 mg BCAA content.

Additional essential amino acids

In addition to the BCAA content the product also contains all the other essential amino acids as well as glutamine.

A single serving contains 50% of the essential amino acid requirement of an adult (80kg) in accordance with the WHO recommendation. (Protein and Amino Acid Requirements in Human Nutrition – Report from the Joint FAO/WHO/UNU Expert Consultation).

Like all BioTechUSA products, EAA Zero consists of safe and carefully selected ingredients.